F-One Phantom  FCT Front Wings

F-One Phantom FCT Front Wings

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The foils in the F-ONE Phantom line are designed to glide effortlessly when pumping or connecting waves and then prove very agile and precise when surfing.

Speed and glide
Pumping/downwind machine
Nimble and maneuvrable

Using a refined design to achieve higher finesse, the Phantom foils glide faster and for longer. Connecting waves whether during surfing or down winding thereby becomes much easier and more fun. Yet, connecting waves isn’t much fun if you can’t turn and this is why carving is also part of the DNA of the Phantom foils. By working on the lift distribution, arch shape and other details we achieved a high-aspect, performance foil that can carve smooth curves on the waves and swells.


FOIL COMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY – an F-ONE innovation offering impressive mechanical properties, making it particularly suited for foils subjected to high stresses and bending loads.
Built in fibreglass around an injected foam core and fits on a streamlined aluminium fuselage.
The foil wing is covered with a thin but strong protective layer to protect it from scratches and digs.
The FUSION LINK enables the perfect connection between the Fuselage and the Front Wing using a large solid plate at the front of the fuselage.


Area Span Aspect Ratio Weight
1280 Front wing 1280 cm² 87 cm 5.9
1480 Front wing 1480 cm² 96 cm 6.2

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